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  • a What are the primary benefits of PushOne™ polling?
    A: Most attendees bring their Smartphones to meetings so why not put them to use in the meeting? PushOne™ allows anyone with a web browser device to participate in polling sessions, eliminating the need for audience response keypads. In addition, PushOne™ supports multi-digit responses. Participants can now respond with detailed answers or suggestions. With the ability to collect detailed answers, our clients can ask questions that are open-ended or multiple-choice.
  • a What types of meetings would benefit from the use of PushOne™ polling?
    A: PushOne offers audience polling solutions for small to large meetings, whether they are educational meetings, training sessions, medical meetings, symposia events, web-based seminars, satellite videoconferences or audioconferences. Any meeting can benefit from a fully engaged and responsive audience!
  • a What is the difference between Full Service and Self Service events?
    A: Full Service Events are designed to remove the worry of operating the polls, so the Moderator can focus on their presentation. For a Full Service Event, a technician will be on-site to run the polling session and to consolidate and display results. In a Full Service Event, we can display results using the meeting room AV.

    In a Self Service Event, we teach the client Moderator to run the polls from their Smartphone during the meeting (with technical support available by telephone or online). Self Service Events are designed for single digit, multiple choice type answers and do not allow for results to be displayed using the meeting room AV. Results, in percentage format, will only be displayed on the Moderator’s and the participants’ Smartphones, at the moderator’s discretion. We will work with you to determine the best service type to meet your needs.
  • a Can Smartphones and audience response keypads be mixed and matched during an event?
    A: Yes. Mixing Smartphones and audience response keypads within the same event is called our ‘Hybrid’ solution. For a single location event, Smartphones and audience response keypads can be mixed and results can be consolidated for reporting purposes. For multi-site meetings, all audience response keypads must be used at a single location, but Smartphones can be used in any or all of the meeting locations. Future development plans for multi-site programs will allow audience response keypads to be utilized across any or all locations.
  • a What presentation software packages are compatible with PushOne™ polling?
    A: The primary design for PushOne™ polling is for use with Microsoft PowerPoint™.  For Mac users, Keynote can be converted to PowerPoint™ for use with our system. Other presentation software packages can be verified upon request.
  • a If some members of our audience do not have Smartphones, can they still participate in a polling session?
    A: Yes. We can supply for rental or purchase either an audience response keypad for voting or a device which has voting and texting capabilities, such as a laptop or an Apple iTouch™.
  • a How many people can participate simultaneously in a meeting?
    A: Currently, our system actively supports 3000+ connections. The actual number of connections will be determined by the location of participants and how they are trying to connect to the database for communicating responses. Some limitations may be realized by cell tower capacity and/or internet connection capacity.
  • a Do all meeting participants need to be in the same physical location?
    A: No. Participants can enter votes from their Smartphones anywhere in the world. Questions are displayed on the Smartphones, prompting participants to enter their votes. The only requirement is users have internet connectivity and a web browser. We recommend that a videoconference or an audioconference be established to allow the presenter to alert the remote participants as to when a new question is being presented.
  • a How do I log-in from my Smartphone?
    A: To access a scheduled event, go to and enter the Meeting Number that has been assigned for your event.

    a What type of information can be captured during log-in?
    A: Currently, we can capture a unique numeric ID for each participant. The numeric ID can be pre-assigned by the meeting Moderator which will allow them to tie individual responses back to specific participants.
  • a Can responses remain anonymous?
    A: Yes. Most companies prefer to allow participants to remain anonymous in order to encourage honest feedback. To ensure anonymity, the main log-in screen would be designed so that no personal information is captured during the log-in stage and no roster poll or id # entry during the session will be conducted.
  • a Can results be displayed on the Smartphone?
    A: Currently, Self Service Events allow for results, in percentage format, to be displayed on Smartphones. In Full Service Events, participants typically view results on the in-room screens. Future development plans will allow for results to be displayed on Smartphones for Full Service Events to accommodate remote participants.
  • a What type of post-event reports come standard with the service?
    A: For a Full Service Event, the following reports are standard:
    • Summary Report showing full text of questions asked along with frequency and percentage information based on how the participants answered each question.
    • Individual Report showing how each participant answered each question. Information can be tracked by ID number or remain anonymous.
    • Subgroup Reports by Demographic Question showing how subgroups of the audience answered throughout.
    • Image Captures containing full color graphic reports which show the response data, displayed throughout the event.
    • For a Self Service Event, the following reports are standard:
    • Summary Report showing full text of questions asked along with frequency and percentage information based on how the participants answered each question.
    • Individual Report showing how each participant answered each question. Information can be tracked by ID number or remain anonymous.

    a Can participants enter their multi-digit employee ID to identify themselves? If so, what is the max # of digits we can accept.
    A: Yes, this is currently available via Roster Poll. The first question delivered would be a roster poll question asking participants to enter their employee ID. The ID they enter is then tied to all of their responses throughout the meeting. The max number of digits allowed is 10.
  • a How secure is the server and the data?
    A: The data is saved on the technician’s computer - not the server. The server just passes the data back and forth during a Full Service event. Data is on the server for the self-service events, but it is password-protected.
  • a What other languages do we plan to support?
    A: We currently support English. Additional language options will be evaluated as they are required.
  • a Can we divide the room into two groups and use the service to allow participants to compete against each other and display instant aggregated results?
    A: Yes, this is currently available. The first question asked would be designed to determine which team each participant has been assigned to. (i.e., Red vs Blue, Managers vs. Associates, etc.) How each person answers the first question determines which team they are on throughout the competition. Questions would be competitive questions with correct answers assigned in advance. As each participant answers, their answers are tallied instantly with the team's. The team score is calculated by the percentage of the team that answers the questions correctly. That percentage is multiplied by the possible points and becomes the team's score for that question. Team points are tallied throughout the competition and a winning team is instantly declared after the last question is answered by the participants.
  • a Who can I call or email for more detailed information and pricing?
    A: We’d love to speak with you directly! Feel free to call our sales team at (800) 458-9081 or email them at

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